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dō signature body scrub & bath paste 補ho

dō signature body scrub & bath paste 補ho

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Natural salt, which has long been used in Japan as a purifying agent in Shinto rituals, is enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oils. The fragrant and smooth texture is a two-way type that can be used both as a body scrub and as a bath paste.

When you want to have a solid and stable feeling during bath time, you need to relax and at the same time, you need to replenish your strength against stress. The "yang" element positively encourages the mind. Angelica acutuloba extract and ginger root oil, which have warming properties, promote blood circulation, while Amur Corktree extract and Shiso extract make the skin glow with vitality.



dō signature line 

The unique recipes, created in collaboration with TCM researchers and perfumers, bring the culture of traditional regimen to modern life. The two types of dō signature line, "補 ho," which supplement what is lacking, and "瀉 sha," which pours out what is unnecessary, will support the restoration of a healthy body and mind.




- Traditional healing recipe

- Toxic free  

- patch tested


made in Japan


Ingredient list

Angelica keiskei (Angelica japonicum), Citrus leaf (Soyou), Obaku (Obaku), Ginger (Ginger), Patchouli, Geranium, Coriander, Camphor

All ingredients

Sea salt, water, glycerin, BG, fragrances (ginger root oil, camphor tree bark oil, odorant mandarin orange oil, coriander seed oil), angelica root extract, perilla leaf extract, yellowfin bark extract, glycosyl trehalose, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, Cellulose gum, xanthan gum, polysorbate 20, ethylhexylglycerin, phenoxyethanol

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  • Toki

    Scientific name: Angelica acutiloba

    Family name: Apiaceae

    part: root

    Efficacy: warming and nourishing effect, blood tonic effect

    It is always used for blood supplementation.It is highly effective in improving blood circulation and warming the body. Adjust hormonal balance.

  • Soyou

    Scientific name: Perilla frutescens var. crispa

    Family name: Labiatae

    Parts: Leaves, tips of branches, effects: sweating action, antipyretic action

    There is a theory that in olden days in China, when a young man was dying of food poisoning from crabs, a doctor made him drink a decoction of shiso leaves, which is why it was named the reviving leaf.It is said that it is used as a garnish for sashimi because of its bactericidal and detoxifying properties.

  • Obaku

    Scientific name: Phellodendron amurense

    Family name: Mikanaceae・Parts of bark

    Efficacy: Maintains balance of indigenous bacteria on the skin, moisturizes by promoting ceramide synthesis, and improves barrier

    The bark is peeled off and the inner bark is used for medicinal purposes.It has been used since the Asuka period as a bright yellow dye, also known as Obaku-iro, and was also used as an insect repellent by dyeing Japanese paper.

  • ginger

    Scientific name: Zingiber officinale

    Family name: Zingiberaceae

    Part: Rhizome/Efficacy Sweating, detoxification

    In addition to its detoxification properties, the sushi bar's gari is used to warm a cold stomach by raw fish.Warms the body and improves coldness.

what gift wrapping

The origin of the cloth “tsutsumi” used for gift wrapping goes back to the Nara period.At that time, 裹 was used as a cloth to wrap special items such as monks' costumes and musical instruments.Since the Muromachi period, it has been called furoshiki.Todaiji's Shosoin still holds Japan's oldest samurai.

“裹” is a sustainable gift wrapping born from traditional Japanese culture. With the desire to continue to cherish things and treat them with care, we have created an original "裹".

After using it as a gift wrap, it can also be used as a bag or storage.

You can choose from two types, the traditional traditional type and the modern modern type.

(Packable quantities and products vary.)

  • Gift wrapping Tsutsumi [Traditional]

    - 1message card is included.

    - Up to 2products can be packaged in 1package.

    - Products that can be packaged / dō signature nail & cuticle oil, dō signature body scrub & bath paste, dō the parfum

  • Gift wrapping Tsutsumi [Modern]

    - 1message card is included.

    - Up to 1products can be packaged in 1package.

    - Products that can be packaged /dō signature body scrub & bath paste, dō the parfum

How to order the gift wrap option

① Put the product in the cart.

② Select the desired gift wrapping in the cart.If you wish to wrap multiple gifts individually, please add the desired quantity and enter the breakdown in the remarks column.

③ Proceed to the order procedure.

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