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dō signature nail & cuticle oil supplement 補ho

dō signature nail & cuticle oil supplement 補ho

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Rice bran oil , which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, and Japanese camellia oil, which has been used for beauty care since the Heian period. Based on these two oils that have been familiar to the Japanese since ancient times, and blended with Japenede honeysuckles extract, "補 ho" leads to radiant and supple the tip of your finger.

To keep the tip of your finger beautiful even in the midst of a busy life, it is important to draw out the natural power of your nails. The mysterious fragrance with the element of "yang" blends with sweetness and warmth, enveloping the heart with a soft feeling of happiness.


dō signature line 

The unique recipes, created in collaboration with TCM researchers and perfumers, bring the culture of traditional regimen to modern life. The two types of dō signature line, "補 ho," which supplement what is lacking, and "瀉 sha," which pours out what is unnecessary, will support the restoration of a healthy body and mind.



- Traditional healing recipe

- Toxic free  

- patch tested


made in Japan



Ingredient list

Phellodendron bark, myrrh, rosemary, clary sage, palmarosa, camellia, rice, sesame

All ingredients

Rice bran oil, fragrance (palmarosa oil, rosemary leaf oil, salvia oil), camellia oil, yellowfin bark extract, sesame seed oil, tocopherol, BG, water, dextrin palmitate

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  • Amur cork tree

    The bark is peeled off and the inner layer is used for medicinal purposes. It has been used since the Asuka period as a bright yellow dye known as Hihada.

  • Angelica acutiloba

    It is almost always used for blood supplementation. It has a high effect of improving blood circulation and warming the body, as well as adjustment of the hormonal balance.

  • Ginger

    Sushi restaurants use ginger (gari) for its detoxifying effect, as well as to warm the stomach chilled by raw fish, as ginger warms the body and improves coldness.

  • Shiso

    It is called Recovering (Shi) Leaf (So) because there is a theory in China, that when a young man suffered from food poisoning with a crab and was about to die, a doctor gave him a shiso infused drink and he recovered.

what gift wrapping

The origin of the cloth “tsutsumi” used for gift wrapping goes back to the Nara period.At that time, 裹 was used as a cloth to wrap special items such as monks' costumes and musical instruments.Since the Muromachi period, it has been called furoshiki.Todaiji's Shosoin still holds Japan's oldest samurai.

“裹” is a sustainable gift wrapping born from traditional Japanese culture. With the desire to continue to cherish things and treat them with care, we have created an original "裹".

After using it as a gift wrap, it can also be used as a bag or storage.

You can choose from two types, the traditional traditional type and the modern modern type.

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  • Gift wrapping Tsutsumi [Traditional]

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  • Gift wrapping Tsutsumi [Modern]

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