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dō signature body scrub & bath paste 瀉sha

dō signature body scrub & bath paste 瀉sha

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Natural salt, which has long been used in Japan as a purifying agent in Shinto rituals, is enriched with natural plant extracts and essential oils. The fragrant and smooth texture is a two-way type that can be used both as a body scrub and as a bath paste.

During bath time when you want to refresh yourself, it is essential to use the "yin" element to remove unwanted substances. It circulates stagnant Qi and refreshes and clears the skin and mind. Soothing Japnese honeysuckle and Acorus Gramineus Rhizome root extract help to tone skin that tends to be out of balance, while palo santo oil and juniper berry oil circulate stagnant Qi to refresh and clear the mind.


dō signature line 

The unique recipes, created in collaboration with TCM researchers and perfumers, bring the culture of traditional healing regimens to modern life. The two types of dō signature line, "補 ho," which supplement what is lacking, and "瀉 sha," which pours out what is unnecessary, will support the restoration of a healthy body and mind.



- Traditional healing recipe

- Toxic free

- patch tested


made in Japan


Ingredient list

Gold and silver flower (Kinginka), Japanese iris (Sekishobu), Palo Santo, Siberian fir, Hinoki leaf (Hiba), Juniper berry, Atlas cedar

All ingredients

Sea salt, water, glycerin, fragrance (hiba oil, atlas cedar bark oil, Siberian fir oil, juniper fruit oil), BG, red pepper rhizome extract, honeysuckle flower extract, glycosyl trehalose, hydrolyzed hydrogenated starch, cellulose gum, xanthan gum, Polysorbate 20, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Ethanol

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  • 金銀花 (キンギンカ)

    抽出部位 / 花

    漢方医学で広く使われてきており、「神農本草経」や「本草綱目」などにも登録されている薬材です。清の古書である研修防団」には ”金銀花は肌をしっとりさせ、若返らせる” と明示されています。有効成分クロロゲン酸は、皮膚真菌などの抑制作用を持ちます。代表的な効能は抗炎症作用で、皮膚疾患の改善に使用されており、現在も皮膚疾患の治療薬として研究されています。

  • 石菖蒲 (セキショウブ)

    抽出部位 / 根


  • パロサント

    抽出部位 / 幹

    「聖なる木」という意味を持つパロサントは、もやもやとした気持ちやエネルギーを浄化し、不安やトラウマを解消、精神を安定させ心に余裕をもたらす 。

  • ジュニパーベリー

    抽出部位 / 果実

    滞ったリンパの流れを良くし、むくみに効果的です。利尿作用があるジテルペン酸は、体液 (水) の循環を促し、心身とも不要なものを排出する効果が期待できます。

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