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dō the perfume mellow sign

dō the perfume mellow sign

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A noble and compassionate scent inspired by the '阿 अ a' of '阿吽 अहूँ a-hūṃ*.'

The fragrance produced by the seed, which symbolizes the root of creativity, promotes a powerful awakening. Smoky and smooth, gaiac wood is a nuance of sturdy receptiveness and deep tenderness. The last notes, with its harmony of copaiba balsam,styrax, and myrrh, creates a traditional, modern, and mellow mood.


*The concept symbolizes the origin of all things, the knowledge and virtue to which all things return, the beginning and the end.


Keywords: yang, origin, root, bodhichitta



dō the perfume collection

Qi, one of the concepts of Eastern philosophy, is said to be the fundamental energy of all things in the universe. In the world of Eastern medicine, the human body is composed of Qi, blood, and water(fluid), and Qi, together with blood and water (fluid), circulates within the body to maintain life and health. When we breathe in Qi, we fill our body with Qi and nourish it. When we inhale Qi through our nose, we sense its scent. Since ancient times, it has been believed that illness and misfortune are brought about by evil Qi, and that smelling good scent is a way of nurturing the body and mind to keep them healthy. 

The close relationship between the three elements of Qi, breath, and scent is important. 'dō the perfume' collection was born from the new idea of focusing on the close relationship between these three elements. When you breathe deeply with the scent of 'dō the perfume', you will feel the sensation of your whole body being filled with Qi, which will help you to harmonize your mind and body. 



- 100% pure natural perfume
- 18 essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts 
- Blended by RYOKO, a perfumer active in Germany
- Art piece cap by Shiho Hayashi, ceramic artist
- Refillable (sold separately)


Top notes: sichuan pepper , coriander, sage 
Middle notes: guaiac wood 
Bottom notes: copaiba balsam, styrax, myrrh, tobacco



※All ingredients in this product are of natural origin. Slight differences in fragrance and color may occur due to weather and other conditions in the year of material harvest. Also, in rare cases, plant sediments may occur. Please understand that this is a gift of nature.

※Art piece caps that come with this product are individually handmade by ceramic artist . Therefore, the texture may vary slightly from product to product, but all of them are of the quality that ceramic artist is confident of. We hope you will enjoy the one-of-a-kind look of our products. 



made in Germany


Ingredient list

Sichuan pepper , coriander , sage , guaiacwood , copaiba balsam , sucrose , myrrh , tobacco

All ingredients

All ingredients denatured alcohol, fragrance

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The origin of the cloth “tsutsumi” used for gift wrapping goes back to the Nara period.At that time, 裹 was used as a cloth to wrap special items such as monks' costumes and musical instruments.Since the Muromachi period, it has been called furoshiki.Todaiji's Shosoin still holds Japan's oldest samurai.

“裹” is a sustainable gift wrapping born from traditional Japanese culture. With the desire to continue to cherish things and treat them with care, we have created an original "裹".

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How to order the gift wrap option

① Put the product in the cart.

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