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dō the perfume experience duo

dō the perfume experience duo

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 You will experience two pairs of fragrances inspired by the concept of '阿吽 अहूँ a-hūṃ,' which symbolizes the root of all occurrences, the knowledge and virtue to which all things return, and the beginning and the end.

The duo of "mellow sign," noble and compassionate scent, and "inborn Peace," clear and tranquil scent.


- 100% pure natural perfume
- 17 essential oils, absolutes, and CO2 extracts
- Blended by German perfumer RYOKO

- Mini size perfect for hands-on experience


※All ingredients in this product are of natural origin. Slight differences in fragrance and color may occur due to weather and other conditions in the year of material harvest. Also, in rare cases, plant sediments may occur. Please understand that this is a gift of nature.


Made in Germany

2mL each 

Ingredient list

mellow sign

Sichuan pepper , coriander , sage , guaiacwood , copaiba balsam , sucrose , myrrh , tobacco


inborn peace

Perilla , frankincense , western linden flower , neroli , Laoshan sandalwood , Siamwood , moss , vetiver

All ingredients

Denatured alcohol, fragrance

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